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Chinese quantum computer may be the most powerful ever seen

Rise of Chinese AI and Quantum Computing Threatens American Military Tech. and quantum computing according to a US report. ... Such technologies could be used to counter espionage and aid military targeting,” said the report, which was released in early August.

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No Privacy, No Property: The World in 2030 According to the World Economic Forum
Patriot Act Used By The FBI To Collect Internet Browsing Data, Contradicting Claims Made To Oversight
"Free Speech Is Being Weaponized": Columbia Dean And New Yorker Writer Urges More Censorship
Australia Scraps Billion Dollar Coronavirus Vaccine After Participants Test HIV Positive
In Stunning Rebuke, LA Judge Strikes Down 'Abusive' Outdoor Dining Ban As Lacking 'Science, Evidence Or Logic'
Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden under federal investigation for tax case
YouTube Announces New Censorship Rules – Will Take Down Videos Alleging Fraud and Disputing 2020 U.S. Presidential Election Results

YouTube announced Tuesday it will take down videos questioning the integrity of the U.S. presidential election that millions of Americans, most notably President Trump, believe was stolen through numerous fraudulent actions, lawfare chicanery and computer manipulation.

"It's Panic Porn Clickbait" - Media Scare-Stories About Hospitals Are Misleading

You can't turn on your TV, flip open your tablet, or scroll your social media feed today without being bombarded by horrifying stories of over-worked nurses and doctors and throat-grabbing headlines about COVID-driven hospitalizations amid the casedemic.

Time to panic?

Michigan Attorney: “Computer Program, Not Human Error Flipped Vote”

“Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said it happened by human error. We discovered that’s not true, that’s a lie. It didn’t happen by human error. It happened by a computer program called Dominion Voting Systems,” Michigan Attorney Matthew DePerno said in an interview on Newsmax.

No More Big Tech or Government Censorship! 

2020 Global Reset Looms in banking, social media, and communications. You have seen censorship, financial restricting, and government control.

Signs are prevalent in the 2020 global transformation that will take away our freedoms, privacy, and wealth if we don’t prepare. It is has escalated and is now transpiring behind the scenes. We started the r company over eight years ago to offset these actions and provide a solution that will counterbalance the threat of losing all our security, freedoms, and privacy with a space-based ecosystem that is not controlled by big tech and government and controlled by the community.

The window of opportunity is small, and we must act before we lose everything to the ongoing digital centralized transformation. Become a part of the Quantum Generation™ Space-Based Community and protect your freedoms. Privacy, Wealth, and Sovereignty while creating new global prosperity and legacy. Our community is built with a desire to protect our privacy, anonymity, sovereignty, and wealth.

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Quantum Generation® Space Based uncensored and private social media platform. 

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